Walking Experience


In 2017, our focus will be on Location Based VR, Walking Experiences and simulators. This kind of virtual reality experiments offer the fullest immersion with an installation in public spaces opposite from domestic use. The development of this type of arcades is growing in China, there are now 3,000 of a kind, as well as in the United States and Korea. In Switzerland, Artanim and Somniacs offer the quintessence of installations of this nature.


Dreamscape Immersive - Wake up and dream

By combining VR headset and motion capture, Dreamscape immersive offers the possibility to multiple to be totally immersed in the virtual world by seeing their own bodies. They can freely move in the virtual environment and interact with physical objects. This out-of-home installation brings a once in a lifetime experience

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Hyperverse is a “VR park out-of-the-box” platform, that allows to transform any location into fully immersive entertainment zone. Their turnkey solution includes tools for studios and a technology setup, a mix of the best market devices and custom built movement tracking, which makes deployment of VR location fast and affordable.

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The Lost Pit VR

Lost Pit VR brings one of the most anticipated features in the VR gaming market to gamers. The game will be released on Steam in early May. This game was previewed on Kenzan Arena at the SVVR in San Jose, where it was an immediate success. The story is set on a forsaken planet where groups of different tribes settle their disputes in a Middle Age arena. Each player is placed on a hovering rock above a bottomless pit and fights to eliminate their opponents in this exhilarating and immersive environment. At this year’s summit of the World VR Forum, Kenzan Studios is going to demo The Lost Pit VR multiplayer experience in a 200 sqm space.

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