VR as a new medium brings a radical change in our representation of the World. Its experience launches the transition of humanity in a new paradigm involving transhumanism, artificial intelligence and fusion of Arts and Technologies.

The three-day conference (11-13-May) will address, each day, a major theme. The overall programme was established under the artistic direction of Neal Hartman, Researcher at CERN and Conference Chairman of the 2017 WVRF Annual Summit. The conference of World VR Forum’s annual summit is the result of the work done throughout the year, bringing together the expertise of the team and its advisors in order to offer the participants an editorial of very high quality.

Our programme will be unveiled progressively until May.




Thursday 11 May : the brain

The impact of Virtual reality on individuals is achieved by acting on the nervous system receptors to transport him/her into a different universe. As refined as this technology may be, its functions can only be adapted and controlled if the cognitive mechanisms that are associated with it are well understood from both the user’s and the content creator’s points of view. This track is also dedicated to twin concepts of virtual reality – transhumanism and artificial intelligence. The programme benefits from the expertise of Bruno Herbelin, EPFL Researcher and from the participation of brilliant international speakers.

Saturday 13 May : point of convergence

Virtual reality does not only impact entertainment, but also art and science. The last day of the conference will focus on disciplines that will particularly benefit from this new technology in evolving, even reinventing themselves. A special emphasis will be put on tourism, education, sport and journalism. The conference will conclude with the participation of 15 international journalists that took part in the masterclass on “Immersive Journalism “in the first two days.

Friday 12 May : immersive storytelling

In essence, virtual reality turns over the narrative grammar of traditional screens by covering the whole view in 360°. Virtual reality fundamentally transforms personal and collective entertainment as we know it. Therefore, it is necessary to invent a language that allows one to fully enjoy all the aspects of this medium. This track will be devoted to the definition and understanding of the mechanisms transferring the message of the story to the public and its connection to the content focusing on the artistic expression and marketing possibilities. One of the day’s highlight will be the interaction between Hollywood studios, Swiss specialists and engineers from the Silicon Valley.