A unique VR Festival which brings a state-of-the-art curatorship. Each VR experience has its own custom-designed space and installations are produced in collaboration with WVRF and the Artists to bring an unparalleled experience of virtual reality augmented with real reality. The Festival’s core mission is to establish VR as a true form of art and to raise public awareness and media recognition. The Festival also comprises a VR Cinema and Game Zone with a play area dedicated entirely to entertainment for the general public.


Official Selection

The main section of the Festival brings together this year no less than 16 international VR experiences, out of which 12 are competing for the Imperial Crown. This is our highest distinction, whose name refers to five Swiss summits which form a crown at more than 4000 meters altitude. The shape and symbolism of this exquisite award are also our personal homage to Stanley Kubrick.

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Game Zone

Video games are a major part of the Festival and of the VR market. Therefore, a play area dedicated entirely to entertainment will be offered to the general public. Whether families have VR at home or are still new to this technology, the Game Zone will offer them a unique experience of the best VR games of the year.

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VR Cinema

The VR Cinema is a new born within the WVRF Annual Summit. As with any infant, we want to feed him properly, so we handpicked no less than 50 exquisite videos to keep him in shape. The experiences are grouped into sessions, each session containing just the right amount of vitamins, proteins, minerals and adrenalin. 

We won’t be single parents for the VR Cinema, our friends from Red Bull will help us raise him and give him wings.

While experiencing VR is rather seen as a very individual and isolating experience, this time will be different. For the VR Cinema, we will sync the headsets with a 2bitCircus system, so our guests can have not only an unforgeable experience, but a collective unforgettable one.