Hell Eluja

Hell Eluja is an asymmetrical game where the first player, called Dungeon Crawler, plays with a VR HMD and the second player, called Dungeon Master, plays on a tablet. The Dungeon Crawler is trapped in a dark dungeon and must find 4 hidden keys (randomly generated). He is left at himself and must run away from monsters. The Dungeon Master takes the role of the mastermind. He can see the dungeon from above and has the ability to summon the monsters. With them, the Dungeon Master must find and catch the Dungeon Crawler before he gets 4 keys.



Genre: Multiplayer, Asymetry, Horror
Year: 2016
Connect: Website, Facebook, Twitter


Game Design and Production: Qui Cung
Developer: Yann Piller, Damien Goetschi
Artist: Alexis Simonetta
Sound Designer: Julien Matthey