Super Hot

Blurring the lines between cautious strategy and unbridled mayhem, SUPERHOT is the FPS in which time moves only when you move. No regenerating health bars. No conveniently placed ammo drops. It’s just you, outnumbered and outgunned, grabbing the weapons of fallen enemies to shoot, slice, and maneuver through a hurricane of slow-motion bullets.



Genre: Shooter, Puzzle
Year: 2016
Connect: Website, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram


Game Director: Piotr Iwanicki
Art Director: Marcin Surma
Development: Jakub Ziembiński
Business Relations: Tom Kaczmarczyk
PR / Community Love: Szymon Krukowski
3D Artist: Konrad Kaca
Sound Design: Artur Walaszczyk
Programming: Jakub Witczak
Story: Cezary Skorupka
Level Design: Panos Rriska
QA Lead: Adrian Walczak
Office Management: Anna Skorupka
VR Programming: Paweł Miniszewski