Swiss Premiere

Anyways is a 360° VR rail-road movie simultaneously experienced by six participants. Six modded VR headsets with surround sound audio setup offer participants a synchronized virtual experience of a single storyline experienced from 6 different point-of-views. The virtual experience is complemented by real world audio, olfactory, and tactile diversions. Shifting between the virtual and the real, the fictive and the non-fictive via the 6 point-of-views, Anyways aims to start a conversation amongst the participants to collectively figure out the story after the film.

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Year: 2017
Language: English
Country: Netherlands
Premiere: Swiss
Connect: Website, Twitter, Facebook, Vimeo


Concept & direction & camera: Keez Duyves, Willem Weemhoff
Scenario: Willem van Weelden
Cast: Yorick van Wageningen, Sally Harmsen, Anil Jagdewsing, Thomas Boer, Yaron Mesika, Abner Preis, Zeynep Gunduz
Audio recording & mixing: Daan van West, Tymen Bergman
360º sync player: Niels Johanson, Keez Duyves
Headset Mods & 3D printing: Onyx Ashanti
Finance: Nelly Voorhuis
Additional fx: Nils Vaerno
Voice Over Promo: Pinar Karaaslan
Additional Optics: Joel Nesoptiek