Romandie Premiere


The virtual world HanaHana , takes place under the burning sun, in a sort of post-apocaliptic sand box, with a red lake and remains of monumental anthropomorphic ruins. The user has no skin, molecules from that aftermath blood-soup are swarmings where his physical body take place in the physical world. The user has the capacity to sprout hands and chain-like hands in hands, and build his world. The title refers to the protagonist Nico Robin of the Manga series One Piece, who—thanks to the power of the Hana-Hana fruit (called also the devil fruit)—can infinitely sprout and reproduce body parts on any surfaces so her enemy cannot escape from her. I see her, like a tragic poignant figure of a contemporary fable and the hana-hana fruit a metaphor for the pharmacologic capacity to technologically self-replicate. In the anim, the protagonist faces severe existential crisis, and no wonder why: The endless copying and transplant of her own body parts dilutes the meaning of the original to the point where the individual self becomes obsolete.

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Genre: Experimental narrative
Year: 2016
Language: N/A
Premiere: Romandie
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Project Creators: Melodie Mousset, Naëm Baron
Music and sound effect: White Williams


Press Contact:
Naëm Barron


Press Contact:
Mélodie Mousset