Mare Nostrum, Lost Memories

International Premiere


Lost Memories aims to produce a poetic and emotional immersive experience focusing the lost of migrants in the Mediterranean Sea while they attempt to reach the European shores. The lost objects loaded of memories are a metaphor of the lost lives. At the beginning, the viewer is experiencing a diving journey starting with an idyllic marine scene surrounded by small silver fish swimming around. Suddenly a strange noise comes from above, a sort of engine is getting close, trudging through the waves. It’s getting dark, looking above we see a keel’s shape. The engine stops, human voices now are screaming.

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Genre: VR Experience
Year: 2017
Language: N/A
Country: Italy
Premiere: International
Connect: Website, Facebook


Director: Stefania Casini
Concept: Stefania Casini, Gabriele Gianni
VR Experience Designer: Gabriele Gianni
Software Developer: Mario Salvucci
Sound Designer: Mario Salvucci
Art & 3D: Andrea Cerini
Developer Assistant: Valerio Bellia
VR Studio:


Press Contact:
Stefania Casini
Bizef Produzione