Patterns - Red

International Premiere

Canada, France, USA, India

Patterns is a multi-platform horror-poetic VR experience narrating a hypnosis session to investigate why Walter feels possessed through his memories, his imagination and a recurring nightmare.
Freely adapted by H.P. Lovecraft’s universe, it merges photogrammetry and live action video-grammetry, and uses redirected walking to immerse the viewer inside a nightmare.

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Genre: Psyschedlic-horror interactive cinematic experience
Year: 2017
Language: English
Country: Canada, France, USA, India
Premiere: International
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DOP/ Co-Director: Ando Shah
Writer/ Co-Director: Pierre Friquet
VR Engineering & Design: Federico Saldarini
Sound design: Mourad Bennacer, Jean-Yves Münch
Mixing: Jean-Yves Münch
Music: Mourad Bennacer
3D artist: Stu Campbel
Production: Ando + Pyare
Cast: Sarah Demers, Thomas Courcoul, Ming Lian, James Murray


Technical Contact:
Ando Shah


Pierre Friquet