Choreographing living stories

From his first steps in VR 5 years ago, to the release of the recently acclaimed Firebird: La Péri and its upcoming following episodes, Balthazar Auxietre, creative director of Innerspace will share his creative insights and how he discovered the importance of “Choreography” in VR. How can we build an emotional journey through the use of a space, when users can wander freely…How to tightly design staging and direction, and craft a narrative, without giving away the agency for the user ?
With each new experience, he obsessively faced these issues and tried to create magic for the users with the help of tools like motion capture, cinematic sequencers in real time engines… and with an amazing team! Forged through all the failures and the happy accidents, he will deliver his most important learnings and “how to’s” to bring grace and emotionally impactful beats to the medium.