Danny Piccione

Danny Piccione Penrose Studios

Lead Sound Designer and Audio Engineer
Penrose Studios

Graduating from the Berklee College of Music in Boston, Danny Piccione is a sound designer, composer, and all-around audio technology aficionado. His passion for synthesizers and cutting edge sound production work led him into a career as a sound designer in the video game industry beginning in 2011. This work would very much help prepare him for his eventual transition into the VR industry.

His first VR experience could possibly be described as “love at first sight & sound.” The surreal and interactive nature of VR immediately captivated him, with sound being such a large part of the experience, he knew it was something special. Soon after, he joined the Penrose team as their lead Sound Designer and Audio Engineer.

Danny brings his experience with non-linear video game sound implementation to the brand new medium of VR sound, creating hyper-realistic sounds in new worlds where audio is now a major aspect of the experience, and spatialized sounds now play a key role in the storytelling worlds Penrose Studios is becoming well known for creating.

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