Nilson Kufus

Nilson Kufus Nomoko


Nilson is an entrepreneur from Zürich. Once a national champion in figure skating, he went on to study Mathematics at ETH. As he felt that Mathematics would not give him a diverse enough background he switched to Maastricht where he would finish a liberal arts and science program. This is where he discovered his calling for entrepreneurship and where the idea for nomoko was born. He started the company nomoko AG with two co-founders Kevin Mersch and Vincent Pedrini in June 2015, today the company counts 20 people. Nomoko has the vision to create a digital copy of the entire planet and through that provide the ability to simulate real world scenarios and create digital content on a global scale and with entirely new tools.

Transforming Reality in High Fidelity Volumetric Models

  • 13 May 2017
  • 10 h 00 min - 10 h 15 min
  • Conference