Samir Mukherjee

Samir Mukherjee Techno India University

Head of the Department of Media Science

​​Emerging technology has always been a primary field of interest for me. My field of studies was Engineering. There was no stream called computer science in my city (probably in the whole of Asia) at that point.

Having been one of the advocates of computer technology in India during the early 80’s, I ended up having a certain amount of zealousness to make these technological advancements more accessible; as well as for training and teaching the youth how to handle these state of the art machines.

This zeal has led me over my thirty years of experience in the technology and media industry, helping me mold in-numerous studios and media facilities, aside from running my two companies.

In the last 10 years however, the need for teaching and training has become more imperative.

The same drive that had lead me to open ATC’s for softwares like Autocad, Corel and its likes in the late 1990s, now made me relegate my business to a second position, to conduct as the Head of Dept, of Media Science of an University.

All the same, a technocrat at heart, I offer consultancy services for the creation of media studios and channels for the last two decades.
I am trying my best to incorporate media in the education system; having achieved in a small form by designing a Full Fledged media studio for a prestigious school overseas as well as a TV Channel in an Indian University.

Recently I have been researching on the possibilities of combining digital media and education with the help of emerging concepts like OTT, cloud computing VR/AR ​etc​ ​in our University​​ ​we are also planning to start a training facilities for VR/AR film making very soon.​

Another field of interest for me has been the amalgamation of art, culture and technology into a distinct blend of novelty.

In the face of a future that is uncertain and full of possibilities; as a man who has seen it from its very inception- I am always hoping to find ways of conjoining all that is human and artistic with the science of modern technology and innovation.

Future of Indian TV/Broadcast pertinent to VR

  • 13 May 2017
  • 14 h 00 min - 14 h 10 min
  • Conference