Staale Watto

Staale Watto Senior Staff Photographer at Sunnmørsposten (NO)


Staale Watto is 59 years old and is working as senior Staff Photographer in Sunnmorsposten in Alesund, Norway.

Educated at LSK (Royal Norwegian Air Force school senter at Kjevik near Kristiansand) and was at the OPS squadron at Orland air force base 1979-80. He has been photographing professionally since 1980 as a freelancer and employed full time in Sunnmorsposten since 1986.

He has followed the development in press photography in 37 years from 135 B&W film, slides, color negative films and finally digital images.
Staale is also in the Sunnmorsposten team who is streaming football, concerts and news live at